Brikenstocks are called special orthopedic shoes, which are produced exclusively by the German shoe company Birkenstok. A team of orthopedists has developed for the company a unique anatomical sole that completely repeats the immaculate shape of the foot. Due to this, the shoes produced further are as comfortable as possible for the foot. In addition, the briquenstocks are supplemented with a special insole, which prevents sagging of the arch of the foot and has a preventive effect. They are universal, therefore they are equally suitable for both women and men. They became widely in demand and popular not so long ago, about a dozen years ago.

It is necessary to wear brikenstocks without socks, as they are presented in the form of flip-flops. At the same time, they go well with various skirts and trousers. Sports casual style is in high demand among fans of today’s popular style, ahead of other varieties of flip-flops, such as mules, babushis or agli-shuzas. Now this is an incredibly relevant trend, which has been a hit of the season for several years.


A model that does not have devices for fixing on the foot and is held only due to the tight fit of the upper edge; Pumps are rightfully considered the epitome of elegance and good taste, they can be called a real classic in the world of women’s shoes. After all, the main dream of any lady is to be noticed, namely, boats will help you achieve such a result. Pumps with an open toe part; A more summery and slightly relaxed option, elegant models of this type of boats can be made of both leather and using satin, lace, decorated with rhinestones, bows, etc.

One of the New York fashion stores announced a vote for the sexiest shoes. Out of hundreds of models from twenty-three designers, buyers chose the sexiest model with a seductive open toe on a high stiletto and with an elegant finish


Backless shoes on a wooden platform with a massive heel. They are an element of the traditional national costume in Europe. Historically, clogs were made entirely of wood, and clogs had a leather upper. Modern models have a platform made of both traditional wood and cork or polyurethane. The union at the junction with the sole can be decorated with metal rivets


This is a kind of classic leather boots (both men’s and women’s) with laces with special perforation and stitching. Previously, they were also distinguished by a characteristic openwork overlay between the union and the berets. Today, even the presence of one lacing is enough to determine oxfords. A variety of oxfords with perforation are brogues