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Spanish rice on a colorful plate recipe

Spanish Rice – Three Ways to Make It Work for Type 2 Diabetes

Spanish Rice is favorite staple item on Mexican food plates. Tender grains of rice cooked with tomato, onion, and green pepper, make it the perfect accompaniment to spicy and saucy Mexican food entrees. The thing is . . . Spanish rice for Type 2 Diabetics is problematic. The ordinary white rice that is used to Read more about Spanish Rice – Three Ways to Make It Work for Type 2 Diabetes[…]

two crispy fish tacos on parchment with slaw and crumbled fresco cheese

Mexican Food Is Not Off-Limits!

Mexican food is one of the cuisines that we may feel we have to give up because of Type 2 Diabetes. Nothing could be further from the truth! All it takes is a readjustment of the way we think about Mexican food – and some simple changes. We need to have moderate serving sizes. We Read more about Mexican Food Is Not Off-Limits![…]

Spices The Goldmine in the Cupboard

Spices – The Goldmine In the Cupboard

  It has always amazed me that people from cultures all over the world take the same basic ingredients – like rice, onions, beans, greens – and construct a distinct food culture that is unique to that group of people or geography. Often what distinguishes the different cuisines is spices and herbs. I think of Read more about Spices – The Goldmine In the Cupboard[…]

taking note is taking control post

Taking Note Means Taking Control

One of the tools I have created for my readers is my DAILY DIABETES LOG/PLANNER. This is a free, downloadable PDF file that you can print and use to take note of your important daily numbers. By keeping track of your daily blood sugar levels, food intake, medication, and exercise, over time you will be Read more about Taking Note Means Taking Control[…]